sampbarham November 19, 2012

It sounds almost cliché saying that I am a massive fan of the Conchords and Rhys Darby as pretty much everyone round the world is now.

But it’s true.

In fact, me and my brother regularly converse in fotc quotes rather than actually speaking to one other. Which is why it’s such a pleasure to see Flight of the Conchords re-unite (as Murray hilariously points out) for a charity song in aid of Red Nose Day 2012.

Yes, the song rolls on the back of the children’s innocence and imagination, but give credit where credit’s due, the two still manage to turn it into an epic, collaborative comedy-ballad seducing some pretty famous southern-hemisphere artists to sing the most ludicrous of lyrics.

“The kids need us to get come together, we can get them better, we can get them some feta.”

Also, I’ve tracked down the first female singer: Brooke Fraser. Who’s voice made me repeat the video a few times.