There’s something incredibly elegant about flat pack furniture.

No. Not the cost-friendly end-product or simplicity *cough* of their installation instructions. But how it got to you… in that box.

It may be shameful to admit but nesting interlocking profiles onto sheet material to minimise wastage is a deeply satisfying concept. It may be centuries old and driven mainly by the drive for profit, but the natural by-product is that it promotes thoughtful, efficient and environmentally conscious design. With the advent of CAD/CAM, it has facilitated an ability to increase efficiency in the manufacturing process ten-fold and allows the maximum amount of product to be delivered at the minimum possible cost. The cornerstone of business in an economy of scale.

Cue Flat Pack, Cue Ikea, Cue China…

But this concept applies to so much more than furniture.

Engineering, Fashion and Architecture all benefit from this enhancement in manufacturing. Take the One Main office restoration by dECOi Architects. The entire undulating sub-structure was nested onto 1200 4ft x 12ft plywood sheets, and milled using just a small 3-axis CNC router. Impressive given the scale of the project.








Which culminates in the showpiece of this blog post: My Deer Head.


It took a while to get the tolerances right, but the end result – CNC & matt lacquered birch ply is quite striking against a faux-imitation log cabin wallpaper as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Just need the accompanying log-fire…