sampbarham March 23, 2013

My oh my, is this game beautiful.

Sure, most games nowadays look good. But what sets this apart is the vastness and scale of everything concerned. Anyone can create a series of beautifully rendered and immaculately lit linear passageways for a title that lasts 6 hours long. It’s when you find that same level of detail and attention in an open-world setting, 100 to 200 times the size, that’s really impressive. Just one of the feats that keeps you coming back for more in the 100th hour of playing. Everything from the hovering insects to the vast sweeping rockscapes seems so meticulously and lovingly crafted it puts most “next-gen” linear games to shame.

In fairness, this is my first sampling of the Elder Scrolls mythology, so everything seems new and refreshing. It’s one of those titles that really allows you to “play the game YOUR way”, not just a half-hearted pretend sort of YOUR way that helps sell the game a bit more. Every battle I’ve had in Skyrim feels slightly different because you are really are given a choice.

Anyway, in honour of completing my first play-through, I thought I’d like to show a selection of my favourite screenshots.

Up with the birds

A shortcut to mushrooms

Dark times

Eerie green

Aurora’s make everything look beautiful

Camping at dusk

The village of Bree?

Overhanging moss

Aurora villiages

Aurora campialis

Aurora fortrinalis

Possibly the best location in the game

The golden watchtower

The most frustrating fort I’ve ever photographed

Exploring ruins at dusk

Like Weathertop, but beautifuller

Camp Charcoal Horse

A pretty little lake

Dream canyon

Underground ruins


Cave light

Walking the heavenly halls

My personal favourite

Oh and here’s me fighting a dragon