Narrow Quay

Contractor: Midas
Client: AWW
Developed For: Artworks Solutions Ltd
Item/s: Illuminated “Wavy” Feature Wall


AWW and Midas commissioned two illuminated feature walls for the new reception at Narrow Quay on Prince Street back in 2015. My involvement in this project was three-fold, I designed, project-managed and helped install the two feature walls. Working from loose CAD plans and a general arrangement drawing, I was tasked with interpreting the concept into an efficient design for manufacture. I settled on 3mm folded aluminium for its durability and ease of cutting. I redrew all the side profiles into vector and established a standard width after performing a first fix site survey.

A few tests had to be undertaken in order to match the printed translucent vinyl to the coloured glass that formed part of the fascia in front of the units. This was then laid up onto the reverse of CNC cut 050 opal acrylic windows. I ensured that registration marks were cut into each profile for ease of referencing (as many of the profiles looked the same).

The whole project was manufactured in-house. The profiles were CNC cut on the router, bent and cold formed into shape and then welded into units. The finished units were primed and then painted. The opal windows were stuck to the reverse and then wired up with 1.5m long tails. I worked closely with the contractor to fabricate a plywood wall behind the units for ease of fixing and was on site when the lift surrounds were constructed to make sure they were built to specification.



Solidworks 2016
AutoCAD 2013
Google Sketchup
Adobe Illustrator CC




Date & Time

November 15, 2015