OVO Energy

Client: OVO Energy
Developed For: Artworks Solutions Ltd
Item/s: Goalpost Entrance Signage


OVO wanted a stand-out feature sign for their headquarters in Bristol, and I was brought in to transform the rough concept into workable fabrication-ready drawings. I began by 3D modelling the rough concept supplied by Morgan Lovell, to achieve workable dims for costing. There was a lengthy “teething” process in which the design had to pass through a series of structural and technical validations. For starters, the requirements of the greens company meant that the planter depth had to be increased substantially to allow 500mm of soil to sit on top of the concrete. Alterations were also made on the fixing method between planter and ladder frame after discussions with the structural engineer. Removable steel cover plates were added later on into the design process, which had the dual use of covering the drainage holes that were now required by the soil and ivy but also meant that the unit could be man-handled into place without fear of damage as these could be applied post-fix.

This project was a perfect example of cross-discipline communication. Not only did I design & produce the working drawings but I project managed the client, architect, structural engineers, fabricator, paintshop & greens company to ensure a successful end product. I had to overcome the additional complication of Bristol City Council and an application for a pavement and partial road closure and the complication of lifting the frame into place over three metres of concrete “stepping” & architectural hand rails. All in all, however, the installation was completed over a weekend (in bad weather!) and the ivy was installed the subsequent weekend with no issues.



Solidworks 2016
Autodesk AutoCAD 2013
Sketchup + Vray
Illustrator CC




Date & Time

November 3, 2015