Client: Chargemaster, In Retail Group
Item/s: Freestanding Charging Unit


As part of Chargemasters foray into the UK’s EV charging market, they wanted a series of freestanding units to promote their new “Onecharge” series of personal wall-mounted charging units.

In Retail Group was asked to deliver a bulk order of freestanding charging units to send to vehicle showrooms around the UK as part of this marketing drive. These units had to be modular so that they could be easily packed and shipped to a host of addresses around the UK.

I was provided with a set of client renders and some overall dimensions and asked to provide a full drawing pack and DXF cut files in order to produce a bulk order within a very tight timescale.

Fabrication of the unit involved folding and welding sheet metal flat patterns to create a spigotted base and upright framework that pre-located and locked in-place. The graphics panels were direct-to-substrate printed foamex boards bonded to each display face. The “optional” header was designed to be removable to allow for custom branding per showroom.



Solidworks 2017
Solidworks Visualize 2017



Date & Time

January 28, 2019