Client: N/A
Item/s: Bespoke Photo Book


I was commissioned to create up a photo-book using some travel/marketing shots of areas in and around the Jaén province in Spain.

As with all photo-books, the content should always be the most prominent focus for the reader. This particular photo-set was particularly breathtaking, so I decided to let the photos ‘do the talking’ and purposely kept the title and cover designs relatively simple with the bulk of the content free from text notes and anecdotes.

I took inspiration from the prominent and striking 13th century Moorish “castillas” that dot much of southern Spain. I traced the most prominent features for each castle in Illustrator and used that outline as header for each section’s title page. I also included a few bits of relevant information (and a word pronunciation guide for the those less-versed in Spanish!)

I was able to find a custom plugin from the photo-book manufacturer Blurb to help set up bleeds, layout and text in In Design which ensured that the printing process was fast, cost-effective and free from mistakes.

The final result is an elegant and clean hard-cover photo-book with a slight satin finish that really shows off the stunning photos from the area.



Illustrator CC
Photoshop CC
In Design CC



Date & Time

November 22, 2017