Mi Casa Su Casa

Client: Mi Casa Su Casa
Item/s: Stage Design


Bristol’s resident techno collective, Mi Casa Su Casa, came to me with a brief for a concept stage that they could pitch to festival organisers in advance of the summer circuit.

Taking inspiration from the colourful slum architecture of South American and the electric vibe of 90s rave culture, we conceived a concept that was both striking and original. Using Solidworks, I was able to develop this into something functional and highly flexible, with a modular layout that would respond to all types of festival contexts. With the help of weldments and the Costing plug-in, I was able to calculate the cost of the materials, on-the-fly, with every design change and iteration, allowing me to give an accurate cost of the required materials.

Using Photoshop & Illustrator, I photomerged a handful of sketches by local artist Laura Wady into a cohesive and colourful concept piece, that will eventually be digitally printed onto the exterior panelling fixed around the framework. Deliberately cutting away material from these panels will allow Mi Casa to add thematic effects to their set such as lasers, smoke machines and digital projections.

These concept visualisations are just the start of a long process to get this concept into a workable reality and onto a festival field near you!







Date & Time

March 25, 2017