Mobile Pop-Up Bar

Client: Lancer Scott/Brola Fabrications
Item/s: Mobile Pop-Up Bar


I was asked back in March to assist with drafting up a mobile Champagne Bar for a local fabrication firm. Fortunately the initial brief contained a 2D layout of one of the intended sections to draw from. My job was to model the “segments” in 3D so that the curved parts could be flattened down to export for laser cutting using Solidworks Sheet Metal. In addition to the flat patterns, I used weldments to work out exactly how much RHS was required so no material was wasted on ordering.

I spent a good deal of time working out how the the unit could be assembled and quickly and easily. I modelled up a hexagonal cap with clearance holes that fixed to nuts inside the RHS on the four horizontal framework arms. These were bolted together with M12 hex bolts. A cosmetic cover plate (inverted to the direction of the cap) was also designed to allow the fixings to be covered after assembly. A smaller hexagonal cap was designed for the bottom of the unit that was used to tighten up the framework before the tread-plate was laid down.

Castors were fixed to the bottom of each segment so that the unit could be hauled off a large flat bed truck, wheeled into position and then assembled quickly on site. Changes to the brief meant that roller shutters and a door were required later on in the construction phase as the goods being sold need to be able to be locked inside the unit after trading. This was retro-fitted into the design mid-way through the construction.

Although originally conceptualised as a Champagne Bar, the finished shots seen here to the right were taken at the Bath Christmas markets. Thus proving that the the modular design was suited to all seasons, not just summer!



Solidworks 2017
Illustrator CC
Photoshop CC



Date & Time

December 3, 2017