Serenity – Firefly (Quake III)

Author: Sam Barham
Size: 92.65mb
Released: 16/06/2014



After creating a ship that loosely resembled Serenity, the Firefly-class transport ship seen in the tv-series back in 2007, I realised it’s shortcomings and set out to do better. Much, much better.

I gathered a whole host of source materials, 75-90 reference stills, an awesome lightwave model and a set of authentic film blueprints. My first attempt was underscaled by around 35-40% and therefore completely out of proportion, largely a result of creative interpretation and a lack of source materials.


Not only have I set out to recreate the ship as accurate as possible in version two, I want to build in some comprehensive rpg elements to give the map some replay value. At the time of writing my vision for the finished project is as follows:

– Accurate internal and external design, scaled correctly and true to the movie version of the ship.
– Interactive objects (engine, ship controls, cargo bay doors, mule, passenger quarters e.t.c.).
– Comprehensive script system featuring secret areas and unlock codes.
– A whole host of sound effect easter eggs to feel like you’re actually part of the ship.

The project is now complete! Many thanks to all of you who have contributed feedback, testing, support and/or nudging! I wouldn’t have released it otherwise…

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Date & Time

June 16, 2014