Sumi-e Tree

Client: Personal
Item/s: Sketch/Graphic Hybrid Design


I’ve have always lent towards the abstract when it comes to art. I prefer large canvases with swathes of colour that abstractly hint at a landscape or object. It is then of no surprise that I often take inspiration from the Japanese Sumi-e style of painting in my graphic design.

Using a detailed sketch of a gnarled, old tree trunk that I did years ago, I overlayed a series of screengrabs from actual Sumi-e paintings (mainly of cherry blossoms) to create an abstact montage of colour.

This was complemented by a series of custom Photoshop brush sets (calligraphy, blood spatter & sumi-e) that were intertwined amongst the various layers. The result is an abstract blend of detailed sketchwork and an almost grafitti-esque spashing of colour.



Photoshop CC



Date & Time

January 28, 2019