The Tangle Bay

Client: The Tangle Bay
Item/s: Logo Design


I have been actively following the internet of things cryptocurrency, IOTA since late 2017 but as I lack any technical/coding background, I have not been able to contribute to the community until recently.

Last month, I was eager to learn of a graphic design competition to conceptualise a logo for a new IOTA marketplace website called “The Tangle Bay”.


The competition had a few rules:

  • Create a logo of your choice with up to three colours including the colour #6c1cff
  • The logo has to have a transparent background
  • The logo needs to be in .SVG format
  • Be creative
  • Post your logo on Twitter with hashtags #TangleBayLogo #IOTA


My proposal shown here is a playful interpretation of the IOTA logo but with a “bay” themed twist. The submitted design is the version with the 3 colour gradient fade (using the colour #6c1cff), although I have also submitted additional colour variations to cover different website header scenarios.



Illustrator CC



Date & Time

January 28, 2019