Toni & Guy

Client: Toni & Guy, MB Fabrication
Item/s: Drawer Units, Cladding & Shelves


MB Fabrication approached me with a project to help fit out a well known barber shop on Park Street in Bristol. The initial concept was to provide a number of shelving units that could serve as product stations to the RHS of each individual barbers’ chair. I mocked up an intitial concept alongside a couple of Solidworks Visualize renders to assist in client-sign off.

On approval, I provided a full drawing pack and nested DXFs to fit on the 2x1m 1.5mm Stainless Steel sheet. The 4no. units requested were laser profiled, folded and welded together. HAFELE supplied brackets were used and I ensure pilot holes were nested into the side cheeks to make assembly easier.

An additional 2no. plain units were requested using the same design (but with no logo) and an assortment of other items were also needed. A curved shelf, a section of stainless steel cladding and a product display shelf.



Solidworks 2017
Illustrator CC



Date & Time

January 28, 2019